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Business Run

More and more company teams are participating in the Noordwijk 10. That is not surprising, because more and more organizations are investing in healthy and energetic staff. Fit employees are more productive and report sick less often. And don't forget the increased involvement in the company. It is good for team spirit, especially after a lot of working from home in recent years. How nice is it to train together for a goal again? An event is an adventure for every runner and everyone likes to share their own experience afterwards and enjoy the solidarity. And how nice is that if you can do that while enjoying a snack and a drink?


Below you will find the composition of our business team package and how you can register for it. We sincerely hope that we will also see your team of colleagues, relations, and/or customers at the start.


Participation with a Business Team:

  • 4 Starting numbers for the 5 KM or 10 KM Business Run
  • 4 Medal
  • Company name on the starting numbers*
  • Company name on the website
  • Company classification (only for the 10 KM)
  • Bag drop-off service
  • Team photo
  • 2 drinks per person


Participation costs €245 excl. VAT. per business team


* Provided you register on time


You can register via the button below. Select 'company team(s)' and fill in your details. You will receive information from us within a few days.


Schrijf je in voor de Bedrijvenloop!

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