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Take action for healthy brains for everyone


Will you be running with HomeWizard 10 van Noordwijk this year? Do you want to make more impact with your participation? Then create a campaign for the Brain Foundation and get sponsored for a better quality of life for people with a brain disorder. Because we believe that everyone should be able to get the most out of life. Whoever you are. Whatever brain disorder you have.


A healthy brain cannot be taken for granted. More than 4 million Dutch people already have a brain disorder. From dementia, Parkinson's, a stroke, depression, and migraine, to brain damage after an accident. In many cases, however, there is no treatment yet that can stop or slow down the condition. Learning to live with the consequences is often the only option.


Unfortunately, the impact of these consequences on daily life is enormous. Everyday things such as working, taking a walk, going shopping, going to a café or restaurant, or going on a trip are often no longer self-evident.


That is why the de Hersenstichting does everything it can to ensure healthy brains for everyone. By financing research and innovations, we look for solutions to keep the brain healthy, treat it better, and help people with brain disorders participate in society.
So create a campaign page (een actiepagina) now and start fundraising right away!


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