Edwin van der Sar Foundation

The Edwin van der Sar Foundation has been the organizer and charity of the 10 van Noordwijk for a number of years. In 2019, the participants of the 10 van Noordwijk together raised a sum of € 13,910 for the Edwin van der Sar Foundation. This proceeds will be spent on the exercise projects for people with brain injuries. There you can, after the hospital and / or rehabilitation center, continue to work on recovery. This includes swimming, fitness and cycling under expert supervision. On behalf of the entire team of the Foundation, Edwin and Annemarie van der Sar, we thank you for your participation and contribution!


Off course the Edwin van der Sar Foundation will also be the charity and organizer in 2020. On Sunday the 12th of July the proceeds for the Foundaion will be announced after the 10 km has ended. This consists of separate donations (you can also make a separate donation for the Foundation when registering) and the proceeds from the donation platform where runners and walkers can actively contribute to the Foundation. We thank you in advance for your efforts and contribution!

Support or follow the Edwin van der Sar Foundation!
You can commit to the Edwin van der Sar Foundation in three ways:

  1. Support the Foundation by making a donation while registering for the 10 van Noordwijk
  2. Start a promotion through your own promotion page! You can then share this page with family or friends who can help you with your action. Click here to create an action page.
  3. Support the Foundation with a donation through Tikkie.

Follow the Foundation via Facebook and Instagram. For more information see also the website: Edwin van der Sar Foundation

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